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    Welcome to Borderline Tattooz

    Borderline Tattooz guarantees both quality and creativity, taking care of your idea from the very first concept until the needle inks your skin. You already have a concrete tattoo idea? Let me know and we can sit down together to work on it and see what's feasible.


    Whether you want to discuss a new design or come to get tattooed, you always need an appointment. Due to a busy schedule I unfortunately can not accept walk-in clients.

    Opening hours

    Borderline Tattooz is a private tattoo studio and only works by appointment. You can reach me by mail : kris@borderlinetattooz.com.


    Registration number FPS Health: 706
    VAT: BE0836.998.548



  • Info

    • Ideas and your suggestions for a design can be proposed and - where possible - will be further elaborated.
    • Borderline Tattooz visits are by appointment only, whether you want to discuss a new design or come for a tattoo session.
    • Approval of the (final) design and the price are always and only discussed during the appointment. It’s practically impossible to provide a quote over the phone without having all of the required information.
    • When defining a tattooing appointment and/or discussing the design at the tattoo shop the client always pays an advance. The advance and payment of tattoo sessions are only paid in cash or via the Payconiq app. An advance will not be reimbursed because of the client's cancellation.
    • You must be at least 18 years of age, and there are no exceptions to this (in order to get tattooed at Borderline Tattooz you'll have to provide an ID).
    • The client can bring max. 1 person if they wish to do so (e.g. for moral support). Children are not allowed in the tattoo shop.
    • Drugs, food, alcohol or smoking are not allowed in the tattoo shop. For hygienic reasons you can't bring any animals or pets.
    • Please refrain from using alcohol the day before you have a tattoo appointment. Also do not visit a solarium shortly before your session (at least 10 days).
    • It is best to eat something light and be well rested before your tattoo session.
    • Please do take good care of your tattoo and respect the advice and guidelines given to you by the tattooer.
    • There is parking space in front of the tattoo shop, reserved for customers only.


    If you have any further enquiries, you can contact me via kris@borderlinetattooz.com.

  • COVID-19

    Due to the current health situation and the new guidelines of the FPS, there are adjusted rules in the shop that, as a customer, you have to take into account.

    • Just like me, every customer has to wear his or her mask, from the moment they enter the shop until the moment they leave again.
    • To sign the consent it is mandatory to your wash hands thoroughly at the sink.
    • Do not wear rings, bracelets or jewelry.
    • Jacket, keys, handbag, etc. will remain on the bench at the entrance, nothing can be taken into the workspace.
    • After every toilet visit, it is mandatory to wash your hands again.
    • Only one person is allowed, so you can't bring anyone along.
    • From now on you can also pay via bancontact, the payment terminal will be covered and disinfected with barrier film for each client.
    • It is currently not possible to discuss tattoo designs in the shop itself.
    • Drinks or food can no longer be allowed.
    • To avoid cross-contamination, flash/books and magazines have been removed from the tattoo shop.
    • There is always alcohol gel available for those who want to additionally disinfect their hands.
    • Between each customer the necessary time will be provided to disinfect everything and ventilate the workspace sufficiently.
    • In the meantime, additional ventilation (D) has been provided in the workspace.
    • Have you been in contact with someone who might be infected or possibly infected or you have sickness symptoms (even on the day of your appointment), we ask you to cancel your appointment and postpone it for at least 14 days.
    • We do everything we can to work as safely as possible and ask for your understanding for the longer waiting times, given all the additional measures we put in place to prevent contamination.

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    Denderstraat 70

    9300 Aalst, Belgium


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